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Smooth Reflection

Help Guide Edition No. 1.0

The camera reproduces a soft and smooth effect for the items in motion, such as a water surface or flowing water, to reproduce fantastic images.

  1. Select MENU → [Application] → [Smooth Reflection]

  2. Select a desired theme.

    Setting items Description
    Twilight Reflection When you shoot neon lights of a nightscape reflected on a water surface, the camera will smooth out the water surface to reproduce a dazzling water surface reflection effect.

    Water Flow When you shoot waterfalls or a swiftly flowing river, the camera averages the water splashing to reproduce a soft, smooth effect of water flowing.

    Silent When you shoot an ocean or lake, the camera averages the rippling waves and swells to reproduce a calm, smooth water surface effect.

    Smoke Haze When you shoot choppy seashores, the camera averages the portion of waves and sea spray to reproduce a soft water surface effect.

    Monotone The camera shoots an image in monotone to reproduce a smooth, fantastic atmosphere. You can select [Monotone: B/W], [Monotone: Sepia], [Monotone: Warm], [Monotone: Cool] or [Monotone: Green] as the monotone color.

    Custom This function allows you to change settings such as [ISO], [White Balance], and [Creative Style] as desired.
    • When you press [Smoothing] on the theme selection screen, you can set the level of smoothness. When [Custom] is selected, you can set the shooting number as the level of smoothness.
    • It may not be possible to set some of the items in certain models.
  3. Change shooting settings of the camera, such as [ISO] and [Exposure Compensation], from MENU or use [Smoothing] to set the level of smoothness.

    • Items that cannot be changed manually depending on the theme are masked in gray.
  4. Press the shutter button to start shooting continuous images.

    • The maximum number of images that can be shot is displayed on the screen.
    • When the number of shot images reaches the maximum number of continuous shots, shooting ends automatically.
    • If you press the shutter button again or press MENU during continuous shooting, a still image is saved and shooting ends.
  5. To change to another theme, select MENU → [Application Top] to display the top page of [Smooth Reflection] and select a new theme.

  6. To exit [Smooth Reflection], select MENU → [Exit Application].


  • You can change the shooting settings of the camera using MENU or other applicable camera buttons before shooting images ([Image size], [Shoot mode], [Self-timer], [Focus mode], [Exposure Compensation], [White Balance], [ISO], etc.). Note, however, that some shooting settings are automatically set when themes other than [Custom] mode are selected. Note also that the available setting items vary depending on the camera model.
  • Use this application with SteadyShot for the lens turned off.
  • Mount the camera on a tripod or similar device to shoot images under unstable conditions.
  • All illustrations in this guide are representative images.
  • For further information about camera functions and settings supported by this application, see below.
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