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Bracket Pro
This lets you automatically bracket photos by shutter speed, aperture, focus or flash.
With just one press of the shutter the camera snaps three shots at different shutter speed, aperture or focus settings, or two photos (one with flash and the other without).
Bracketing assures that photos have just the right look, especially if you are unsure about the proper settings.
After shooting you can select the best shot from the bracketed images.
By eliminating the need to manually change settings and take multiple shots, you are more likely to get the best results possible and not miss a memorable moment or expression.

[Application Version for Your Camera]
Supported application version for each camera model is as follows. The appropriate verion will be automatically chosen on installation:
NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6: ver. 01.0000
Other cameras: The latest version


Ver. 1.40 (July 30, 2015)
・ In-body SteadyShot and in-lens SteadyShot are now supported.
・ One or more additional camera models are now supported.
・ Improved operational stability.
Ver. 1.30 (December 4, 2014)
α7II is now supported.
Ver. 1.20 (August 19, 2014)
Improved operation stability.
Ver. 1.10 (March 27, 2013)
α5000, α6000, α7R, α7, and DSC-HX60V are now supported.

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PlayMemories Camera Apps requires a Sony Entertainment Network account.

PlayMemories Camera Apps requires a Sony Entertainment Network account.