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[BETA application]
This is a “BETA application” which is intended to evolve by feedback from our customers and to broaden camera usage.
Your feedback through the questionnaire below would be appreciated.

This app assists getting some people to take your photo typically at sightseeing spots.
You can visually specify where and how big you would like to be located in the pictures on the camera monitor. (*)
Furthermore, you can avoid failure of eye-shutting by forcing continuous shooting, check the taken pictures quickly by automatic playback after shooting, and enjoy other features for getting other people to take your photo. A frame around a detected face changes from red to green when the face fits the specified size and position, and thus the specified composition is likely to be followed precisely.

* You can additionally draw composition freehand on a camera equipped with a touch panel.

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PlayMemories Camera Apps requires a Sony Entertainment Network account.
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