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Time-lapse FAQs

The application behaves strangely after I deleted some still image files on my memory card using a computer. For example, deleted images remain on the Time-lapse Image List screen, or errors occur when saving a movie with the Angle Shift Add-on or during playback. How can I fix this?
Select MENU → [Setup] → [Recover Image DB] when no application is running.

Sometimes actual shooting intervals and the actual total shooting time become longer than those I set.
Actual shooting intervals may become longer than those specified by the user due to various conditions. During shooting, when the actual shooting interval is longer than the set interval, an “!” mark is displayed next to the shooting interval icon. This may be improved by avoiding the following conditions.
Actual total shooting time is approximately equal to the product of the number of images shot and the average of actual shooting intervals.
- A low-speed memory card is being used.
- Either [Still Images & Movie], meaning both still images and movie files will be recorded, or [Movie] is selected as the recorded file format.
- [Interval Priority] is set to OFF and the shutter speed is slow.
- The scene is dark.
- [ISO sensitivity] is set to a high value.
- [ISO sensitivity] is set to AUTO, and the automatically selected sensitivity is high.
- Long exposure NR (long exposure noise reduction) is set to ON (on camera models that enable users to select it).
- [Picture Effect] is set to [Miniature].
- A high resolution is selected for saved images.
- [RAW] or [RAW & JPEG] is selected for saved still images. (*)
* Since the file size of the image is large, the [Interval] may be longer than the set value when shooting in uncompressed RAW format.


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PlayMemories Camera Apps requires a Sony Entertainment Network account.

PlayMemories Camera Apps requires a Sony Entertainment Network account.
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