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Digital Filter FAQs

How does this application differ from Auto HDR or Sky HDR?
Auto HDR successively shoots three images with different exposures, and then records one image with automatically compensated brightness. Of the three original images, only the one with the middle exposure setting can be recorded. Files can only be recorded in the JPEG format.
Sky HDR and Digital Filter allow you to divide a scene into multiple areas, successively shoot images with different exposures and white balances optimized for each area, and create and save one image from them. You can save all of the original images (*), and also record both the created image and original images in the JPEG and RAW formats.
In contrast to Sky HDR, Digital Filter allows you to divide the scene into up to three areas. This provides greater versatility, especially advantageous for evening or golden-hour scenes that can be difficult to shoot with just two-area division. Digital Filter also gives you better operability and even higher image quality.
(* Not available on some models. Refer to "Specifications" for details.)

Why can’t I purchase Digital Filter after purchasing Sky HDR?
Sky HDR and Digital Filter support different sets of camera models. Either purchase Digital Filter with one of its supported models, or continue using Sky HDR on a model not supported by Digital Filter.


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PlayMemories Camera Apps requires a Sony account.

PlayMemories Camera Apps requires a Sony account.
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